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I am always looking to carry unique products that I feel could help individuals in this hobby. Gamers Grass is one of those products. Gamers Grass are self adhesive tufts that can be applied to miniature bases and terrain pieces. I use these tufts on my own miniatures and terrain.

Kings Hobbies and Games is the US distributor for Gamers Grass. I not only sell to gamers, I sell to Game stores both online and brick and mortar. If you are interested in carrying Gamers Grass at your store please email me at tim@kingshobbiesandgames.com or Facebook me.

Here is a video of Gamers Grass in action.
Here are some pictures of terrain that I built which has Gamers Grass applied to their base:

Yes, there are other tufts in the market today. However these tufts are fuller, look more realistic and more affordable.

Gamers Grass is one of those products that will immediately enhance the look and feel of your miniature and terrain. They are applied easily and the different colors that I offer blend well together.
This is a good product which I stand by and highly recommend.

12mm Gamers Grass 2mm Gamers Grass 4mm Gamers Grass
6mm Gamers Grass Leaves and Flowers