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I first heard about Elhiem Miniatures around 2009. At the time I was gaming 15mm WW2 and was toying with the idea of changing scales to 20mm. I found The Guild, a forum that has tons of information about 20mm gaming as well as what products were available in that scale.

Soon after I found Elhiem Miniatures. I was so impressed with the sculpts I just had to get my hands on some. I haven't stopped buying and painting them and I knew once I had my own store I just had to carry them.

I started painting Elhiem figures and posting pictures of them on The Guild. Matt the owner and sculptor liked my style and asked me if I could start painting figures for his ad's. How could I say no?

Since then it has been a wonderful marriage and I hope to bring complete awareness of Elhiem miniatures to the United States. ~Tim Spakowski

Afghanistan Modern British Elhiem Modern US
Elhiem Modern US 20mm Figures